Megann Becker

Do you own this path, sir?

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To the cyclist at the Chicago lakefront,

While bicycling the other day you rode up behind two 4 yr. olds learning how to ride scooters. They, like you, were enjoying what was the first nice weather in months. You could have done what any number of people had done already– smile, encourage, reminisce, walk around. Instead you chose to yell at them and myself, “Get your fucking kids off the pathway.”

I want to thank you for creating such a perfect teaching moment.
We did not, in fact, get off the pathway as you had suggested.
We instead stayed an extra hour, becauuuuuuse
…the FOUR YEAR OLDS decided, “he needs more practice sharing”.

The Sassiest Nanny You Ever Did Meet



One thought on “Do you own this path, sir?

  1. You are the greatest & your kids will remember you forever!!

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